The Society of Editors (Tasmania) is a branch of the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEd). IPEd exists to advance the profession of editing by planning and implementing activities that support its members.

Our aims

The branch works to:

  • help establish and maintain high standards of editing
  • promote the exchange of ideas and information on professional matters
  • provide opportunities for professional development
  • raise government, industry and commercial awareness of the benefits of professional writing and editing.

The branch is managed by an executive committee.

What do editors do?

There is more to an editor than meets the eye. The Society’s multi-skilled membership has a range of expertise that goes far beyond checking spelling and scrutinising syntax (although they also do those things extremely well).

An editor can help if:

  • you need to create a newsletter, website, brochure, manual, directory, annual report or book
  • you need spelling and grammar checked and thorough proofreading
  • you need someone to give you advice on any aspect of writing or publishing.

Find an editor with the expertise you need on the national Editors Directory; prepare for the questions they will ask you on our Hiring an editor page.