Writing with and about Aboriginal people: a conversation

On Monday 18 June, an audience of 16 members and non-members braved the cold to hear Dr Greg Lehman talk about the representation of Aboriginal people in art.

Greg is a well-known Tasmanian curator, essayist and commentator on history, identity and place. Descended from the Trawulwuy people of north east Tasmania, he has an intimate relationship with the island’s Indigenous culture. He was involved in the founding of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Land Council (1989) and the Riawunna Centre for Aboriginal Education at the University of Tasmania (1993).

More recently, he was involved in the Tasmanian Writers Centre’s Hidden Stories event, which brought some of the most respected Aboriginal writers and artists together to celebrate and speak about the stories of Aboriginal culture and heritage.

After his presentation, Greg responded a range of questions posed by those attending. He didn’t offer any easy answers, but provided us with a great deal to think about.

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