Why do you need an editor?

Why edit?

In this age of information overload, what you write has to compete for the scarce time of your readership. Whether in reports, books, policy statements, curriculum materials, web pages, press releases, tender documents and proposals, newsletters, conference proceedings, annual reports, exhibition interpretation, online magazines, training courses or radio and television scripts, editors can give your words the clarity and zing to get your message across effectively.

You need an editor to

In short, editors are very useful. Members of the Society of Editors (Tasmania) work in newspapers, libraries, government departments, IT companies, small business or large corporations throughout the state. Others are freelancers whose details can be found on our Freelance Register.

An editor can help you to:

Proofreading or editing?

What’s the difference?

Proofreading usually means doing a basic but careful check to ensure that there are no spelling or punctuation mistakes in your document, presentation or web page.

Editing is a much more comprehensive service. It includes proofreading, but can also involve:

In the initial consultation, the editor and the client decide which of these services are necessary to produce an effective publication.

How to prepare for an editor

When you first consult an editor, they are likely to ask you some of the following questions, so it’s a good idea to prepare answers before you make the call.

More than meets the eye

As you will have gathered, the members of the Society of Editors (Tasmania) do more than just check spelling and scrutinise syntax (although they do those things extremely well). Check out the range of expertise of the multi-skilled membership on the Freelance Register.

Contact the Society: e-mail: info@tas-editors.org.au
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